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Sometimes in life you just don’t have to play by their rules. If I were good at following instructions, I wouldn’t be in this industry. Make your own path and define who you are. If you’re not living life chasing your dream, then you’re probably spending your life helping someone else achieve theirs. -Phil Hardy


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Representing Social High at summer jam 2016. Pictured here with CEO and Founder Scott Bettano and Hip Hop artist Kid Ink.


Boston Summer Jam 2016 at xfinity center in Mansfield, MA




THC and Social High had a great day at the 2016 Extravaganja in Northampton, MA


2016 NECC – Thank you everyone for the birthday surprise!

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Walking through a newly constructed medicinal cannabis grow facility to evaluate and express my opinion on the project. The future is looking good for this industry.


Here is pictured one of the Flowering rooms being run by 1000w Gravita lighting. The light being emitted in the photo is from the back up security lighting incase of a power failure


T5 Fluorescent lighting for the early vegetative state of growing


Aside from the many T5s, there is a top shelf for later stage veg growth. I myself would have put the earlier ones on top for ethical and ergonomics issues


In this photo you see a decompression chamber. These will be used for the employees to eliminate the transfer of pest and any other garden contaminates.


What’s a day like this without a selfie. Hopefully next the photo will have a lot of plants in the back ground.

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